Work Environment: 5 Tips for a Productive Sales Environment

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Work Environment: 5 Tips for a Productive Sales Environment

How to have a good working environment in sales?

Go through a suitable work environment – to the needs of employees and the company – a more productive day-to-day.

Especially when we talk about the sales sector of an organization, such an important area. We dedicate many hours of our days focused on corporate activities.

And to be able to do this in the best way possible, the context needs to help. Even because, all companies have their goals to be met, whether in the day, month, week or year.

But how to achieve this in a chaotic work environment, which does not give people the minimum conditions to perform their duties?

This also influences the quality of delivery to the customer – not just the speed at which things are done.

So, the investment to start selling more and better starts internally.

In this article, we will talk about the importance of a truly positive corporate environment that is able to capture the best of each employee.

We’ll also talk about some tips on how to make the context better for everyone and what actions you can start right away.

Come on? Good reading!

Good or bad? How is the working environment in your company?

When we’re too immersed in a routine, we can’t even see that it can be harmful. A company’s organizational culture needs to do people good.

But this, we know, is not always a reality that we can perceive. When there is a high turnover of employees, for example, it is a warning sign for managers.

Is the company’s work environment bad? As a matter of fact, the ideal is to carry out administrative management closely, side by side with employees.

Only being inside reality is it possible to know it, right? But more than that, talking to people horizontally, so that they feel at ease, is essential.

Measuring the quality of the context, therefore, requires proactivity and willingness. They may look the same, but they are not.

The will comes from the conviction, from the understanding that this is something important. And proactivity is the attitude that is based on this conviction.

Both to act and to be attentive to details – which are frequent, but not always glaring.

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So… is he good?

What is certain is that in a good corporate environment, discussions and conflicts are rare. And the debates – necessary for the growth of people and the company – take place in a positive, purposeful and orderly manner.

Employees, regardless of their level in the organization chart, have adequate working conditions in terms of safety, hygiene and health.

corporate environment

The equipment, tools and resources needed to achieve the proposed goals and objectives are equally correct.

The relationship between colleagues from the same sector and from different sectors is healthy, and there is a climate of cooperation between them.

If all of these are converging together, then the working environment is definitely good.

Or is it bad?

A corporate environment, when it is harmful, generates immediate insecurity in people. And it starts with a management that is silent, that does not share the problems – especially in their origins –, as well as the news.

The news only arrives through the “corridor radio”. Someone told someone else about such a thing. That sucks for running any business.

Lack of information leads to frustration, which directly attacks day-to-day motivation. The structure of the place also needs to be adequate.

Good equipment, tools, airy, spacious environment are essential.

Areas for depilation, a pantry for employees to have meals… all this makes a big difference when you spend most of the day in the same place.

And neglecting points like that can lead to what we said at the beginning of this paragraph: company turnover.

If this happens, in addition to affecting people who are still in the company (and even influencing them to follow the same path), it makes all the knowledge and time invested in these employees who left to be in vain.

The importance of a positive work environment in any company

Retaining talent is something your company certainly wants, right?

Even more so after investing time, resources and also expectations about one or more people, you want that knowledge to materialize in results.

So know, then, that going through a positive work environment is a weight factor for this employee to think often before accepting another proposal.

When the context helps, people feel better from the moment they get out of bed.

With a team that helps each other, cooperates and seeks best practices all the time, everyone’s productivity is automatically increased.

Aligning talent is important – and mutual dependence makes for a critical synergy to move the company forward.

And then it becomes easier for creativity to flow, which is completely decisive for practically every type of business. Whether to create, or to solve problems, improve processes.

  • Greater ease of concentration;
  • Faster absorption of knowledge;
  • Fluid communication between everyone;
  • Greater efficiency and effectiveness in performing tasks;
  • People and company growth;
  • Increasingly improved productivity and processes;
  • Greater quality in customer delivery.

All these are some benefits of a positive work environment. One factor leads to another and, in the end, customer service is improved.

And when that happens, there is no doubt that companies are on the right path to sell more, better and grow,

5 tips for a better working environment

Invest internally to generate value for the end customer. This is the thought that should guide the management of a company.

Provide conditions, within the work environment, for employees to focus on the customer and ensure their success.

One thing leads to another – and this must be clear to understand the importance of this element. There are many different types of environments that can be designed to encourage everyone’s creativity and productivity.

But, above all, it takes management to keep people focused, satisfied and motivated to deliver what your company deserves. For this, we have separated 5 tips on how to make the corporate context better.

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1 – Give the ideal conditions to everyone

The first element for a really pleasant organizational climate is the fulfillment of the minimum obligations that companies have to their employees.

Equipment, location, knowledge, tools… in short, everything that is basic for carrying out the activities needs to be up to date.

Otherwise, you will send a negative message not only to your old collaborators, but to new ones.

Imagine someone arriving on their first day at the company and not having their computer, place to stay, or anything defined.

This, of course, requires organization and understanding that it is necessary to do – at least – the essentials for people to feel welcomed.

A good working environment is equally safe, well-designed to reduce the risk of accidents and takes care of people by not, for example, putting too many people in a small space.

The ideal management scenario is always to talk to employees. But the flow is this: management asking employees, showing themselves available and open.

What needs to be improved in terms of comfort and performance?

And then, there are issues that range from lights, chairs, air conditioning temperature, air circulation, to the purchase of new equipment, enrollment in a course, hiring software, etc.

2 – Have a present and active leadership

Corporate environment: leadership in the workplace

When there is clear, active and participative leadership, there is undoubtedly a strong and positive element within the corporate environment.

It is not enough to be a leader because of the company hierarchy. That’s one of the types of leadership that doesn’t inspire people.

It is leadership only “on paper”. It is through the manager that people will be inspired and even know how they should behave in situations that are not usually frequent.

More than that, it’s up to this person to try to extract the best from each one for a change of attitude at work. This is not about “taking people by the hand”.

Is not it.

But frequent conversations – both individual and collective – to find out how employees are doing, in and out of work, make a difference.

The performance evaluation is also important and the manager of each area needs to give it. This way, teams can know what to improve in their routine.

And this helps, for example, to avoid a bigger problem – which will lead to stress and discouragement.

3 – Establish fluid communication

Lack of information leads to frustration. The human being has been communicating for thousands of years and is able to understand and feel good through it.

So why, in a company that depends on everyone’s collaboration and synergy, is there no fluid communication?

Let people know what’s going on in the organization. Of course, there are issues that are only dealt with between c-level positions – and there’s no problem with that.

But what is the company thinking for the future? What are the projections and how will people fit in and be able to contribute during the walk? F

Read this before this planning gets off the ground. Ideally, even include them in your design, if that makes sense for your business.

But, the point is: communicate. It is bad for employees not to know where the company is heading and how their work is impacting the day-to-day business.

Communication gives security and confidence to people. And they can see themselves as part of the whole – which is certainly an element of motivation you need in your company.

4 – Promote the appreciation of good relationships

Good relations in the work environment

Employees need to have a good relationship with each other. Which, of course, is essential for the success of any strategy employed in companies.

People need to work together. The work of one will depend on the work of the other. And this occurs more fluidly when employees have a friendly, positive and engaged relationship with each other.

It is possible to promote some actions to encourage this bond of respect and commitment among everyone.

A good way to achieve this is with:

  • quick meetings daily;
  • internal workshops;
  • breakfasts;
  • motivational speaking;
  • coaching ;
  • interactive murals;
  • End marketing, etc.

5 – Run an organizational climate survey

It is common for companies to run an NPS, Net Promoter Score survey to measure their customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The same can be done internally. After all, you can’t know how satisfied your employees are if you don’t ask, right?

So, how about running a satisfaction survey – it can be annual – with objective questions for everyone?

List the aspects relevant to the organization so that items such as relationships, complaints, suggestions, benefits, management, environment, remuneration, among many others, are understood.

And, of course, let people feel free to respond anonymously. This way, it will be possible to gather really true feedback.

And, next year, the company will know what it needs to focus on to have an even more productive team.

Employees, when they feel valued by the company and its managers, undoubtedly reflect this fluid confidence in the quality of delivery.

When this happens, the company is able to deliver the value it needs to its customers.

And the way to sell more, better and grow will be paved.

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Good sales!

Go through a suitable work environment – to the needs of employees and the company – a more productive day-to-day. Especially when we talk about the sales sector of an organization, such an important area. We dedicate many hours of our days focused on corporate activities. And to be able to do this in the best way possible, the…