Steve Jobs, marketing and sales: what did he teach us about it all?


Steve Jobs, marketing and sales: what did he teach us about it all?

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was and continues to be an inspiration to thousands of people around the world. The Apple founder who passed away in 2011 was one of the biggest icons of entrepreneurship around the world.

Responsible for the commercial success of the brand originating in the USA, Steve Jobs reinvented Apple, its way of being, acting, and thinking and, of course, selling.

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He revolutionized the industry and left a legacy that lasts to the present day – and perhaps will last forever.

In just over 30 minutes of presentation for the launch of new products on stage, he managed not only to hold attention, but to delight everyone who watched.

The result of this continues to bear fruit (pardon the pun on the company’s symbol).

The brand, consolidated, has not only a legion of customers. Apple actually has evangelists around the world. In addition to buying, they also defend and advertise the company.

But how was this possible?

In this article, we’ve listed some of the valuable lessons about marketing and sales that Steve Jobs left us over his 56 years of age.

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10 lessons Steve Jobs left us in marketing and sales

Enchanting at the same time is as simple as possible. Awaken dreams, sensations to finally sell.

Steve Jobs left us a lot of lessons when it comes to presenting a product to the public and making them want to buy it right away.

Therefore, below, we list 10 lessons that Steve Jobs left us when it comes to marketing and sales.

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1 – Create an amazing product

The truth is, it’s not easy to do what Steve Jobs did with Apple: create a great product that delights.

But, more than that, everything that involves the product contributes to it being – or at least looking amazing.

From its performance as a software, to its design, including the box that comes packaged, everything is designed to generate value and delight those who buy.

He was always clear that first, obviously, comes the quality of his products. From it, it is then possible to generate value in different ways for your customers.

Steve Jobs Quote:

“People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’re focused on. It means saying no to hundreds of other good ideas out there. You need to choose carefully.”

2 – Focus on the experience of those who consume

Focus on creating an entire universe of sensations. That’s what Apple has always done when Jobs was on the company’s frontline.

Thinking about the user experience is to focus on what they feel when using a product and how it can be improved.

More than being intuitive, it always needs to deliver extra value to the customer

Behind every product he created, there was the thought, the feeling, the desire to transform the world and people into something better.

Think about it when creating your product too.

Steve Jobs Quote:

“When you’re a carpenter making a beautiful dresser, you’re not going to put a slat at the bottom of the furniture, even if it faces the wall and no one can see it. You know it’s there, so you’re going to use a nice piece of wood in the bottom. You do this to sleep well at night. Aesthetics and quality have to be taken down to the last detail.”

3 – Don’t try to sell immediately

As Steve Jobs did, creating an enabling environment and proper language is essential to getting the sale done.

Trying to sell immediately, in addition to sounding like desperation, makes many customers uncomfortable.

So Jobs used data he had about people who had already shown interest in the brand and worked calmly step by step.

He nurtured people with relevant information about the products, showed them how they worked and the thinking behind them.

And this aroused and stimulated their continued interest in them for more.

Steve Jobs Quote:

“If you just keep an eye on profit, you’ll save on the product. But if you focus on making really good products, then profit will follow.”

4 – Sell dreams and sensations

The truth is that products with the Apple logo hardly go unnoticed, wherever they are.

The former CEO of the company was a master at creating dreams and awakening unique sensations and experiences through the products.

The company reinvented products that already existed on the market and placed in them an ideology that dreams and incredible things can happen.

And that’s what Apple bets on – to be the means to empower people to achieve their goals.

Steve Jobs Quote:

“You can’t just ask consumers what they want and then try to give it to them. As soon as you manage to build it, they’ll want something new.”

5 – When communicating, enchant

It’s no use having an excellent product on hand that really makes sense to whoever uses it if you fail to communicate.

Jobs had a peculiar way of presenting products. He refused to show slides and mastered the message he wanted to convey clearly – and was easily understood.

He obviously rehearsed what he had to say a lot, almost as if he were following the step by step of a sales playbook.

In this way, even though he didn’t have graphic resources in his favor, he knew exactly what and how he needed to say it.

More than that. On stage, he walked, gestured, showed excitement and passion in what he showed.

Small details have always made a difference in your presentations – think about it.

Steve Jobs Quote:

“Sometimes life will hit you with a brick in the head. Do not lose faith. I’m convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I was doing.”

Steve Jobs passed away in 2011

6 – Be simple to be clear

This teaching serves both to create the product and to present it. After all, it is necessary to reduce the distance between the brand and its audience.

A sales presentation really cannot and should not be extended. In about 15 minutes, it has to be simple to be clear.

What is the solution you sell? How exactly does it work? What does it provide for those who have it in their hands?

This needs to be clearly communicated to everyone.

Besides, Jobs used some triggers, words to get everyone’s attention. Some of them like “trend”, “amazing”, and “designed for you”, among others.

Steve Jobs Quote:

“That has been one of my mantras, focus and simplicity. Simple can be more difficult to do than complex; you have to work hard to clear your thinking in order to make it simple.”

7 – Be you, always

It’s important to be true to what you do and say, always. Be you, speak your way, in your timing so that what’s happening doesn’t sound artificial.

It is also essential to strengthen the relationship with the customer at these times, after all, their success is the success of your brand.

Trust what you’ve done until you get where you are, but, of course, open up to the new. Know how to listen to people, but trust your intent.

Steve Jobs Quote:

“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.”

8 – Two heads are better than one

Thinking from the outside in has always been a motto for Steve Jobs. And when this happens together, it’s always better for everyone.

It’s not a huge group of people, but having a few allies always means that some idea or suggestion won’t be left out.

Jobs had trusted people with whom he could sit down and make strategic decisions for the company’s future – and that’s quite healthy.

Therefore, always encourage and debate with your teams about possible solutions for their business – and this can be done in a feedback meeting, for example.

Steve Jobs Quote:

“Deciding what not to do is just as important as deciding what to do. This is true for companies as well as products.”

9 – Constant innovation and improvement

You don’t have to be the first, but you have to be the best. This almost sounded like a mantra and it has always guided Steve Jobs’ work throughout his life.

You don’t have to create something completely new from scratch. But innovating with quality within something that already exists is essential, vital for those who want to be a reference.

Making mistakes is part of the process. But, depending on what your business is, the role of the CEO in sales is essential to gathering insights and constantly improving what you sell.

This is the secret that he knew how to explore with mastery. Understand what the customer needs, wants and create amazing solutions from it.

Steve Jobs Quote:

“Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It’s better to admit them quickly, and move on to improve their other innovations.”

10 – Transform the customer into a brand evangelizer

Selling and delighting have always been synonymous in Steve Jobs’ life. And that’s why Apple’s customers are much more than just shoppers.

Whoever consumes the brand is an evangelizer. A promoter of what the company sells. They defend and spread the company.

The truth is that Jobs taught perfectly how to achieve the so-called customer success. After all, the customer’s success is proven to be your success.

So much so that whoever owns an iPhone has the habit of calling their smartphone by this name, unlike those who consume other brands.

Another factor that shows the engagement of customers with the brand is the launch days of new phones.

You’ve certainly seen reports about people falling asleep in lines to secure, firsthand, the purchase of their new device.

Steve Jobs Quote:

“Be a quality parameter. Some people are not used to an environment where excellence is expected.”

Bonus: 11 – Amateurism doesn’t go with growth

Amateurism definitely doesn’t go with successful entrepreneurs – and it was obviously far from Steve Jobs’ day-to-day work.

Simplifying and optimizing processes have always been and continue to be Apple’s ideals. So why would you have the luxury of such improvisation in your routine?

To be more assertive in attracting customers, follow up correctly and reduce your company’s CAC, it is essential to have a tool that helps you.

A good Online CRM doesn’t let you miss opportunities and makes you able to sell more and better.

After all, with so much information inside the software, you can always make your speech assertive, ready to generate value and go through the prospect’s pain.

With the lessons that Steve Jobs left us allied to his sales system, a world of possibility opens up for those who want to undertake even better.

So, how can we help you?

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Steve Jobs was and continues to be an inspiration to thousands of people around the world. The Apple founder who passed away in 2011 was one of the biggest icons of entrepreneurship around the world. Responsible for the commercial success of the brand originating in the USA, Steve Jobs reinvented Apple, its way of being, acting, and…