Resultys integrated with CRM PipeRun accelerates and qualifies pre-sales in companies


Resultys integrated with CRM PipeRun accelerates and qualifies pre-sales in companies


With the integration of the Resultys solution to the sales CRM, it is possible to acquire customers at an advanced stage of purchase and have access to a database of 18 million companies.

The Resultys,  startup Goiás, knows the challenge of any company is to seek customers assertively and minimize the sales cycle. If the acquisition of customers takes place in the shortest time possible and they are successful in using the product or service, without a doubt we are talking about the perfect scenario. Therefore, looking for the customer, in sufficient quantity to supply your sales team is a huge challenge for any area of ​​marketing and sales. And Resultys understood this well. With a vision of research and lead generation,  Resultys emerged focused on big data development. The company has 18 million companies in its database, supported by investment and mentoring from the ACE accelerator. With this, she seeks to help her customers and to support them. And, so that companies can boost their sales, it closed an integration partnership with the PipeRun Sales CRM. But calm down, we’ll be there.

The importance of Resultys to sell more and better

Qualified leads with 90% customer turnaround is something you’re looking for. This is the solution that Resultys presents to the market – regardless of the segment. How is this possible? With:

  • Market potential analysis – find out how many companies it makes sense to sell to and find ways to make it easier for them to sell;
  • Predictable sales revenue – makes use of outbound lead prospecting as a profitable way to achieve goals and, thus, have predictable revenue ;
  • Integrations and consulting experience – integration with CRM PipeRun for managing qualified leads in the sales process.

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Lead List Filters and Segmentation

Based on its data structure, customers using Resulty will be able to select companies by various profiling methods. This occurs guided by the CNAE code (National Classification of Economic Activities) or simply with the use of keywords. Each customer can generate a prospecting campaign, targeting a lead qualification project via outbound methods. Extended filters at no additional cost make it easy to mine companies for outbound campaigns. They are selection of regions, Number of employees, Billing ranges, CNPJ activity time. Having as one of the great differentials an algorithm with call activity, which guarantees the existence of the telephones of each company that will be prospected, this differential guarantees customers greater assertiveness and lower staff costs. After all, the list has effective and valid data.

Benefits in the business process

We can list some of the advantages of using Resultys market intelligence in companies’ business process. With it, organizations can improve on issues such as:

  1. Not being able to have a clear and strategic vision of the sales funnel and the entire process;
  2. Lack of time and efficiency of the sales team and the pre-sales team ;
  3. Unclear reports, which do not detail the activities carried out and by whom they were carried out;
  4. Dealing with unnecessary information. Stick with what’s relevant to improve your sales process.
  5. Adapt to changes in the market, breaking old habits if necessary.

Resultys Integration Process with CRM PipeRun

The integration process between Resultys BigData and CRM went far beyond a file export and import. There was a native construction that allows customers to create campaigns on Resultys and automatically be registered in PipeRun’s Prospecting Funnel. This ends up placing the lead in the correct step and with lead distribution algorithms from CRM Online itself, linking leads evenly to each person in the prospecting team. The integration facilities brought a new commercial method to Resultys. As a result, customers buy leads directly from Resultyswith card use. Your targeted business lists are automatically made available via configurable rules within PipeRun. Thus, it is possible to eliminate all rework of exporting and importing files. More than that: Increases lead utilization rates from Big Data lists with better conversion rates. Still don’t have or don’t know what CRM is? Find out what CRM is here .

Outbound Campaigns in CRM PipeRun

The ease of use of prospecting campaigns within CRM PipeRun is evident with the use of Custom Forms, Webphone Calls via Voip modules. In addition, there is the Email Cadence in the Funnel, which starts to follow the Outbound method, promoting communication at each process and stage of the sales funnel.

Public Agenda Module

A direct connection to the Google calendar is available in CRM PipeRun. With it, pre-sellers can provide their own agenda, fully configurable, so that the leads themselves can schedule an appointment to talk or already demonstrate ordering your product. This module is one of PipeRun’s great differentials, as it automates the entire process of scheduling visits, demonstrations, commercial meetings.

Funnel Email Cadence Module

A portion of the leads coming from Big Data  Resultys already bring with them some email contacts. After campaign integration, CRM PipeRun can automatically send emails via the email templates module to leads that have already registered. It can also occur after the SDRs pass the lead to the next step of the funnel – having already completed the email registration. With this facility, sending the link to the public agendas of each “opportunity owner” is facilitated and automated. Using the cadence of the funnel, it is also possible to send files attached to emails, files of institutional or product presentations (PDF or PPTs). They will support the outbound prospecting process, in addition to news links or inbound marketing content., as well as integrating with marketing platforms such as Dinamize, Mailchimp, Pipz or RDStation.

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Custom Forms Module

Customers can build forms for each step of the pre-sales funnel, using the creation of custom fields, without any extra charge. This is a native function of CRM PipeRun. These forms are the roadmap and questions by which CRM users can highlight the best opportunities and decide or define the “fit” between the Lead and its Products. You can also use sales methodology such as SPIN, BANT, GPTC, SANDLER, among others.

Thus, you build highly strategic and specific forms for each step of the prospecting funnel. The possibility for customers to register all the Reasons for Loss of Leads is also directed at each stage of the funnel. To do this, simply use the CRM PipeRun dashboard to identify conversion rates for each step. Likewise, it is possible to use the report generator and show which reasons for losses are being used the most. With this, opportunities for improvement, pause or even expansion with new campaigns of the same profile through the creation of segmentation in the Resultys base are evidenced.

Activity Automation Module

Based on this module, customers can guide the sales teams, leaving all the necessary tips for the pre-sales to fill in the forms and use the methodologies in connection activities. This module is responsible for eliminating 20% ​​of the time wasted in bureaucracies in the CRM. In addition to automatically creating activities for each stage of the sales funnel, it allows companies to work with activities by time blocks with the pre-sales team.

Voip Webphone Connections Module

This module is responsible for reducing telephony costs. After all, users use their own Webphone, which is positioned within each opportunity in the prospecting funnel, serving to make calls using VOIP. The calls are recorded and also allow users to add comments and use the like buttons to rate each call. Using this module, each prospecting campaign is technically facilitated and expanded. Sales manager, commercial managers, directors and CEO can hear the call along with the teams. In a feedback meeting, for example, it is possible to expand knowledge, promoting discussions and certainly improving the performance of each prospecting campaign.

More opportunities with Resultys Outbound Campaigns

Based on this history, Resultys and CRM PipeRun customers can increase their lead generation. This happens by producing outbound campaigns that are highly targeted to your ICP (ideal customer profile) and managing the results with sales productivity dashboards by CNAE. In addition, they acquire deep in-depth knowledge of average tickets, customer relationships, CAC and LTV, sales lead-time, call metrics and thus prove ROI with campaigns. The result of all this? Better sales for the company.

How to use and contract Resultys directly through PipeRun

It’s very simple, just click on your PipeRun user icon at the top right of the site and then on “Integrations”. On the integrations screen, Resultys is the first in the “Campaigns/Data” column. Once you select Resultys, this screen will appear below, then you will click on “Start prospect search” to be redirected to the next page. We arrived at the Resultys search screen. Here you will select one or more desired segments. It’s simple! You just need to enter the first two digits of the CNAE of interest and select the segment you want to work on, after selecting, click finish on the upper right side. You can also filter by one or more states and municipalities, minimum and maximum number of employees, estimated annual billing range and even the opening date of these companies. When you’ve completed your filters, click to go to the next step.

After creating your project, you can name your prospect list, select the desired amount of leads, and enter the payment method. And only Resultys has quality leads that fit in your pocket, in addition to payment options by credit card or bank slip. If you choose the credit card option, fill in all your data as indicated, such as card number, name as written on it, expiration date containing two-digit month and four-digit year and lastly the card’s security code, then just go to the next step. If you choose the slip, it will be generated that way and you can go to the next step.

You can pay through internet banking or print and pay at any bank correspondent until maturity, the bank slip is cleared within two business days. In the third step, you only need some information about yourself, if you are a new user, such as your company’s CNPJ, telephone number if we have any news, your company’s name and the address where it is located. This is only the first time, the first use, then just login. After that, you can go to the next step. If you’ve already purchased with Resultys, just type in your username and password, it’s all very fast.

We got to the best part! PipeRun Integration with Resultys. Here you will enter your PipeRun token. Don’t worry, you’ll easily find it within the “Integrations” option that is inside the user icon as I showed you there at the beginning. Just copy this set of letters and numbers that is in front of the word “Token”.After copying the token as I taught you, you will have to paste it into the “Enter the token” field. In this step, you will also need to inform the user, pipeline and funnel that will receive your prospects from Resultys. Afterwards, just click on save.Ready! Your prospects purchased from Resultys will be sent to your PipeRun account . Very easy don’t you think?

So, how can we help you? 

If you have any questions about the pre-sales process, speak to a consultant today. Enjoy and read our article that explains how to know if a sales call to qualify leads was positive or not. Good sales!


With the integration of the Resultys solution to the sales CRM, it is possible to acquire customers at an advanced stage of purchase and have access to a database of 18 million companies. The Resultys,  startup Goiás, knows the challenge of any company is to seek customers assertively and minimize the sales cycle. If the acquisition…