Productivity in sales: 6 tips for your team to produce more

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Productivity in sales: 6 tips for your team to produce more

Productivity in sales

Increasing sales productivity is something managers and sales teams pursue – or at least should – on a daily basis.

It is necessary and will dictate the financial health and growth of companies. But this is obviously not an easy task (and you know it very well).

The factors that lead to greater sales productivity are many. And none of them can be ignored at the risk of not bringing the desired effect.

It is up to managers a complete view of the business process. The construction belongs to everyone, of course.

But it is he who, as he is not operational on a day-to-day basis, manages to be more strategic at this time.

More than that, it is necessary to be in tune with what the competition practices as well as what customers demand.

After all, this must be the aim: to have greater productivity to be able to sell more, better and generate more value to consumers.

In this article, we talk about some necessary precautions so that the work environment is always more productive.

And, of course, we will list some tips, strategies to optimize the work of everyone involved in the commercial operation of your business.

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Good management increases productivity in companies

However, for the strategies to be effective, some aspects are essential. They are actually a foundation. And let’s talk about that before we go through them.

Within this context, it is necessary to provide adequate conditions in the sales routine. Only then can everyone reach their potential and deliver the results that the company needs and deserves.

It is necessary to always act in accordance with the company’s mission, vision and values. This makes everyday life more real.

So don’t overlook these 2 points:

People management

Initially, competent management of people is the guiding principle of increased productivity in sales. Positive leadership is a basic item and needs to be exercised.

It involves the sales leader ensuring the motivation of your team – and this also involves a fair sales commission. And for possible goals and objectives to be achieved.

But, let’s take a step back.

It is also this commercial manager who will hire people according to what makes sense for the company.

Then it will provide the framework for people to reach their potential. Read: training, a lot of training!

People management is sales productivity

Technology that strengthens processes

Again: it is necessary to give people conditions to deliver as much of themselves in the day-to-day as possible in the sales sector.

Technology plays an essential role in optimizing business processes and cannot be overlooked.

It is essential to empower your team. Leave robotic work to technology!

Leave your sales team at ease, free to be much more of a consulting team. So they can deliver more value and constantly improve customer relationships.

Process automation is a fundamental item and, with a large volume of opportunities, it is impossible to give it up.

Without it, it will be truly impractical to produce and deliver better results at the end of the month.

6 strategies to increase sales productivity in your company

Sell ​​more and better, while shortening the sales cycle. This is, without a doubt, the ideal scenario for any business, isn’t it?

Increasing the productivity of the sales team is the engine of all this. Of course at this point we can’t confuse things.

Being more productive is not about working harder. It’s working better. And this will consequently deliver better results.

It’s no use increasing, for example, your team’s workload. This will be counterproductive.

The company will have tired people, far from being able to generate value in contact with prospects.

The hours of this professional will obviously be very high. And how many sales will need to be closed for the count to always turn blue?

That’s not the way to increase productivity.

We have separated some strategies. Some tips to produce more in sales. We chose 6. Check it out:

1 – Eliminate distractions

The first strategy may seem obvious, but it still needs to be said. You need to eliminate any distractions that take your day-to-day focus off sales.

It is the role of the commercial manager to be able to identify what may be taking the concentration of his team.

But this is only possible when you are present in the commercial routine.

A close, daily look gives many insights into small adjustments that can be made to the sales process.

And this needs to be discussed in feedback meetings – which need to be frequent, not just when there are issues going on.

By doing this it will be possible to understand the reasons for:

  • open and unworked opportunities;
  • insufficient number of calls made;
  • insufficient number of relevant calls made;
  • Short number of emails sent, whether for prospecting, qualification, among others.

There are many factors that lead to this, from the excessive use of cell phones and social networks to the use of bad computers, for example.

But it will only be possible to find out what prevents you from producing more when you are aware of what is happening in the company, right?

Note: applying the 5S methodology is a good way to do this. It helps identify and eliminate unnecessary distractions for much greater productivity.

2 – Organize the work routine

Productivity in sales

Plan work and work planning. This is certainly a mantra that needs to be taken to those who want to be more assertive in what they do.

And it is more productive to have an organized schedule, with all the important tasks to be done well distributed throughout the day.

If we are thinking about a salesperson’s routine, he can set aside hours in the morning to follow up on proposals that have already been made. Or else prospecting. It depends on the structure of the sales sector.

Then, in the afternoon, he will dedicate himself only to selling.

This organization is essential so that no task goes unnoticed.

Within that, having some sales script speeds up productivity. After all, the seller will already know what he/she needs to do/talk about and when it will happen.

This script does not need to be closed. It can and should be adapted to the reality of each negotiation.

But the simple fact of having it and being able to edit it makes the job more agile.

An organized schedule is even more important when it comes to professionals who need to make appointments with clients.

The responsible for customer success for example. He makes his public calendar available for customers to contact him.

It is essential that he have several blocks of time available 1h, 30 minutes whatever. But it’s no use leaving these hours available at the end of the day, or too early.

Customers have their routine and need to realize that their success is important to the company.

But, without the organization of this very important professional in companies, how can they choose a time to be seen?

3 – Qualify to work better and faster

Productivity in sales

The salesperson needs to be in tune with best sales practices. He needs to be aware of what the market has for granted and, obviously, what the customers are looking for.

The company, in turn, needs to provide all the support for it to achieve its potential.

Training is essential so that the process can be constantly revised and oiled. This is a basic item and you certainly know it by now, don’t you?

Another possibility is sales coaching. It serves to bring out the best in each person in terms of their values ​​and abilities – both personally and professionally.

The purpose of qualifying is obvious, of course: to be better every day. Have a greater power of persuasion. But, we can think a little beyond that.

In being better, it will be possible to work better (obviously too). But when this happens, there is more security in what is done.

And more security makes people know exactly what to do and how to do it, and they can speed up those actions on a daily basis.

If you know that email works with customers, you’ll already know that it’s the type you need to send.

Have it ready and adapt one thing or another when contacting prospects.

Being in tune with best practices, with what consumers expect: is to increase sales productivity.

4 – Make the sales playbook a friend

CRMPipeRun · Sales Playbook and Sales Process

A sales playbook is a document that every manager should be concerned about keeping up to date in the company.

It is a living organism, to be sure, and needs to be constantly updated by those on the front lines in inside sales.

This document contains everything sellers and SDR needs to know to work optimally.

Mental triggers, objection-handling strategies, email templates, customer message templates. Prices, plans, commission details, monthly targets, product and service catalogue…

All of this must be recorded in the playbook so that, at the time of the sales pitch, the closer can rely on this document if it deems it necessary.

It serves a lot to accelerate the knowledge of those who are new to the commercial sector. It will consume all the information from there and will be able to deliver results much faster than if it had only the training necessary for the job.

5 – Have personal goals defined

Productivity in sales

Everyone needs a direction, a meaning for what they are doing. For those who do hands-on sales, it is essential to have personal goals and objectives as a way to stay motivated.

There are the goals that the company sets as necessary to be met every month. But we’re not talking about that, obviously.

Where do you, professional, want to go?

Knowing where you want to go is important to understand what the journey there will be like.

The walk… it is very important.

Within the mission of how to be an excellent salesperson, it is necessary to have organization and discipline.

And what to do goals need to be set here as well. How many emails will you send per days? Connections? How many opportunities will be opened? And closed?

Or, how can you cut down on customer meetings so you can meet more often with others every day?

What insights will you bring to the business process? To marketing, for him to produce content that helps generate more qualified, mature, ready-to-buy leads, which will certainly help you sell more.

These are all goals. Goals of what to do on a daily basis so that the other goals, the personal ones, are closer to being achieved.

6 – Use a sales system

Technology is one of the crucial pillars in generating increased sales productivity.

A good CRM system gives managers – and salespeople, of course – complete sales control.

It records all interactions made with leads in each opportunity within the pipeline . It is also possible, with templates, to send emails and proposals in a much more agile way.

And, when the customer “accepts”, it is automatically sent to another funnel so that after-sales can work so that they have the best possible experience in the company.

Technology empowers people. They no longer waste time filling out spreadsheets, wasting valuable hours in which they could be prospecting, qualifying, and selling.

People are grateful. Your company thanks you. Having technology as an ally is an important and indispensable step to produce more sales every day.

So, how can we help you?

Enjoy and read two articles that will help you be more productive.

The first speaks of the importance of a strong organizational culture within organizations.

The second addresses some aspects for building a successful mentality in professionals from all segments.

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Increasing sales productivity is something managers and sales teams pursue – or at least should – on a daily basis. It is necessary and will dictate the financial health and growth of companies. But this is obviously not an easy task (and you know it very well). The factors that lead to greater sales productivity are many. And none…