IT and sales companies: how to make the digital transformation?

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IT and sales companies: how to make the digital transformation?

IT companies

IT companies can and should resort to and should resort to digital transformation in marketing and sales to not only capture customers but also increase the reference image they have in the segment. For this, it is essential to understand which channels are more attractive and offer a higher ROI – and which are not.

Good practices in digital marketing consist in creating channels to acquire customers. It’s like traditional marketing: the goal is always to sell more and better.

In the IT market, therefore, it is no different. The advantage of the segment is that many products and services are more accessible through digital means.

And that makes the mission of doing digital marketing for IT companies open to countless possibilities.

However, to attract customers and be assertive in the mission of showing yourself as a reference in the market is not an easy task – and you know it well.

The advancement of technology is fast and you, more than being prepared to innovate, need to continue generating value for your customers.

Therefore, not only prospecting but also selling must take place within modern processes and practices: an essential combination to grow.

In this article, we’ll talk about the importance of choosing good actions in marketing that not only bring in more consumers but also act on brand reinforcement and how you can sell more and better to them.

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3 habits for digital transformation in IT companies

If there is a market segment that has the obligation to always innovate, it is – without a shadow of a doubt – Information Technology.

Not that it’s easy, especially for older, more established companies. However, understand that it is possible to reinvent your business through digital marketing strategies.

It is possible – and always will – to bring something new to customer acquisition today and in the future.

Therefore, for this digital transformation to happen in the marketing sector, some habits need to be present.

It is not easy to change some processes. After all, they were the ones who took their business there, right? But society demands change.

Customers demand personalized, real-time delivery. And for that, you need to change some thoughts.

Such as:

1 – Thinking outside the box

There are things that, because they are repeated so much, end up falling into the cliché: “thinking outside the box”. This is one of those phrases, especially as it is used by many people on many occasions.

However, few are those who show the way out of such a box. Thinking outside the box is being aware that there is a lot (very much) going on outside the office.

There is a world where apps revolutionize the service industry.

Where a startup bothers and very big real estate companies, hotel owners. Where YouTubers take space from television stars, among many other examples.

Constantly chasing information is a great habit. Test, experiment, chat, cycle through events.

Ask – including employees – about what they think about the service the company provides today. All of this will help you step out of the box and gain insights that might be positive.

2 – Know your company and employees

IT companies

Still thinking outside the box: get to know the role your company plays. What is it really a reference and what is the strongest skill of each one of its collaborators?

Only in this way will it be possible to manage the different characteristics and vocations of each one in order to focus on developing the best solution.

Here, of course, we are not talking about having the essentials to produce constant innovation. Having people focused on the customer and working within a positive culture, like DevOps.

This is good practice to ensure customer success. After all, when internally you get the best out of each, externally this is reflected in better products and services.

3 – Evaluate competitors from different segments

The next step – and equally important – is to assess the competition. Benchmarking strategies or applying for SWOT analysis help at this point.

For those who develop services but do not understand that it is necessary to innovate daily, the present is already a threat.

Disruptive companies only remain strong when they correctly interpret who their competitors are. A famous example of this is Coca-Cola.

She understands that her biggest competitor is… water. That’s right. Because, if someone quenches their thirst with water, the company lost the chance to sell a soft drink.

It may seem obvious, but very few people think this at first.

The options that IT companies have within digital marketing

You might wonder: is it expensive to do digital marketing in the IT industry? In fact, this is a relative question. It depends on the investment that IT companies are willing to make.

But one thing is certain: compared to traditional marketing – the so-called outbound marketing – digital costs less.

And when we talk about inbound marketing strategies then this is an absolute truth. The high cost of linking to established media weighs against the traditional way of prospecting customers.

Acquire sponsorship quotas at events, prepare stands, hire billboards, agencies…

There are many possibilities within marketing and we have separated some of them for you to be aware of.


Marketing Automation

Make use of au marketing tomação is, without doubt, an important part of the whole process.

This is because technology helps to optimize the distribution of actions, screening of leads and opportunities. Not to mention, of course, the saving of resources and resources in the routine within the marketing sector.

To successfully execute automation, it is necessary to have a consolidated plan. Have assertive marketing strategies and management too.

After all, you need to have the metrics you need to know how close or far to the ideal scenario you are today.

E-mail marketing

Making use of email marketing means building a relationship with the customer. This, of course, starting from the point that you are not going to buy a ready-made list, both to fire cold mail and to cold call, ok?

After all, there will be many contacts there who have not even shown interest in your solution or in your company. “Ah, but that way it will be very difficult to build a relationship.

Starting from scratch is not possible. I need quick results in my company”. Right. This is often the reality.

So, if you don’t have an email list of potential prospects, then it’s time to assign that mission to the marketing team.

“But the same will take a long time. I still want to buy an email list.” OK.

So, how about we adopt a good practice at this time? Pay attention only to those who have replied to your email.

In other words: ignore the others who, before the message, had no interest in what you sell.

Opportunities on Google

Marketing for IT companies

If the mission, in the scenario mentioned above, is given to marketing, there are opportunities – and many – to be explored at Google.

There is plenty of room for businesses that need visibility – even in a market with so much competition in which IT companies are inserted.

Within this reality, two ways of acting on Google are consolidated:  SEO and Adwords.

SEO on Google

First of all: do you know what SEO is? SEO is the optimization technique of search engine optimization. It brings together technical knowledge aimed at improving the placement of a specific page in Google searches.

And, of course, in other search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo. Generally speaking, the rule is: the content most relevant to users will appear first.

Thus, when producing content, it is vital to know well the algorithm and mechanisms that Google considers ideal for good positioning on the page.

And then, of course, the better positioned it is, the more visualization will occur. So if the content is good and optimized, it will have a lot of relevance.

But, calm down there. It is necessary to give time, let the page go on creating authority to go, little by little, climbing the rankings.

Google Adwords

Adwords, in turn, are paid ads. It consists of the following way: the company creates an ad from the keywords that, for it, are interesting.

It also establishes a minimum and maximum value for the costs of this ad, and an auction system will match all advertisers for the same keyword.

Of course, whoever is more competitive wins. However, value is not the only deciding factor. The biggest weight will be for the relevance of the ad and also the page that the user will be directed to.

Because of this, IT companies must prepare a specific page for the advertisement offered.

So, if you’re selling a service, create a visual and intuitive landing page with a form that contributes to your lead generation.

Videos on YouTube

The most eye-opening possibility in recent years is YouTube videos. That’s because first: it’s fully integrated with Google.

Second, the video platform is the second largest search engine in the world.  Back, of course… well, you can already imagine the answer, right?

Of course, this requires a much longer period of time. More elaborate planning and knowledgeable people.

It is necessary to do it, yes, but it is necessary to do it well. Be strategic to grow and have the quality to differentiate yourself.

The transformation in sales of IT companies

When we talk about digital transformation as a way to grow, not only the marketing area should be impacted.

The technology present in the sales sector of IT companies is extremely important. Otherwise, all your efforts in attracting customers may have been in vain.

The use of a CRM for IT is strategic and important in several aspects. It’s step #1 in solving the problems you have in your sales process today.

It is also about the proper way to qualify the leads that marketing nurtured and made available to your pre-sales team.

It is through the use of the software that you also manage other processes related to the customer’s purchase journey. Make use of multiple funnels, such as:

  • marketing funnel;
  • pre-sales funnel;
  • sales funnel;
  • contract funnel;
  • customer success funnel.

Time to accelerate sales

Prospect, qualify and accelerate opportunities. Correct sales management with metrics that are relevant to the business.

Empower the sales team with technology, using automatic actions and proposal templates and emails.

All of this is done for you to sell more and better. In an organized way, growing within the IT business segment is not and will never be a headache.

So, how can we help you?

Learn more about how a CRM helps technology companies get better results every day.

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The first one talks precisely about what CRM is and what benefits it brings.

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Good sales!


IT companies can and should resort to and should resort to digital transformation in marketing and sales to not only capture customers but also increase the reference image they have in the segment. For this, it is essential to understand which channels are more attractive and offer a higher ROI – and which are not. Good…