CRM or WhatsApp: how to sell on both platforms?


CRM or WhatsApp: how to sell on both platforms?

Selling via WhatsApp or CRM?

“I already sell through WhatsApp, why do I need CRM”?

It is not uncommon, when adhering to the much-needed digital transformation within companies, for managers to encounter resistance internally.

When we talk about sales, the sentence quoted above is not an isolated fact. After all, WhatsApp is very present in our daily lives.

We basically communicate with everyone in our social circle through the platform.

Therefore, it would be natural for the sales team to also talk around with customers when selling.

But, the world changes.

Technology impacts our daily lives very quickly. And this is reflected in the demand and need of customers and companies.

Therefore, the adoption of a sales system meets what organizations need to generate for prospects: value.

However, how to overcome the resistance of the team that is used to serving through WhatsApp to adopt software for their daily work?

We list some points in this article so that both managers and especially sellers have this more clearly.

Come on? Good reading!

Why sell through CRM – not WhatsApp? See 6 advantages!

Which one to use? Check out some points to reflect on!

There’s no denying it: WhatsApp gives us unique convenience when communicating.

But when it comes to selling, when negotiating a good offer, talking about the product or service being offered, does it make sense to use the app?

Although WhatsApp is already fully assimilated to our daily lives, and even to the sales routine, is it the best tool for the sales team to use?

We separate 6 points for reflection in the comparison between WhatsApp and CRM. Look:

1 – No mistakes when talking

WhatsApp or CRM: assertiveness to talk .

A little distracted, you click on share, select a contact, send and continue doing your activities normally.

A few seconds later you realize that you have forwarded a meme to a customer who was trading.

The arrows turned blue… yeah, he’s already seen it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Why take that kind of risk?

Through your sales CRM, can you count on an organized email inbox within each opportunity?

This way, you have the entire record of emails sent and received in trading with the prospect.

You don’t need to change tools to exchange emails with the customer.

You do this through your sales software and have all the history stored.

Want to know if your email was opened?

At PipeRun, managers and salespeople receive alerts when the customer opens and clicks on the email, which makes the service and sales process much faster and more accurate.

And if the customer has disabled the “blue arrows” on WhatsApp, huh?

2 – History of all trades

WhatsApp or CRM: trading history You roll the conversation up.

Click search and try a keyword. Try another one. Nothing.

The question comes. “Did I send the counterproposal to him or not?”

You look in the media and you don’t find anything… yeah, maybe you missed that one.

One of the main advantages of using CRM to trade your product or service is having a trading history within the opportunity.

For anyone dealing with more than one customer at a time, this is essential.

Especially when the negotiation is complex.

What have you already sent him? What was the “pain” he reported?

Access the opportunity and find out what is the next step you need to take. But what if the 2 clients told you to return in 2 and 3 months, respectively.

How will you remember to make contact?

Within CRM you can either freeze the opportunity – so it doesn’t clutter your sales funnel – or set up an alert.

Thus, on the agreed date you can resume trading from where you left off.

Everything is saved in the cloud and you can access it wherever you are.

Do you need to clear your cell phone memory and lose your conversation log?

Never mind. Better don’t even think about it…?

3 – Submission of proposals and contracts quickly

WhatsApp or CRM: sending proposals

  • Write contract.
  • Review.
  • Transforms to PDF.
  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Find the contact.
  • Prepare a good message: “Follow our commercial proposal. Thanks”.
  • Press send.
  • Now you wait for the contract to be printed, signed and sent back to you.

In this whole process, how much time was lost?

How much information was spread and dependent on this “take and return”.

Meanwhile, the customer is waiting. What if you are dealing with more than one customer at the same time.

The chance of not being able to handle or change the proposals exists.

Within CRM, however, you can quickly generate a PDF proposal.

They can contain products, one-off and monthly services, as well as their different pricing methods.

Besides, you don’t need to fill your customers’ inbox – or your WhatsApp with several messages.

Save even more time with an electronic signature

CRM or WhatsApp: electronic signature

In addition to creating proposals and submitting from templates that you have predefined on the platform.

And also follow the opening of them, be even more practical.

Within CRM, use technology to your advantage. Why wait for the customer to print the contract, attach it to the conversation and then send it to you signed?

Use some contract templates and confidentiality terms to send to customers through the platform.

This way, they can do the electronic signature and for PipeRun to perform data validation.

A simple, fast, efficient and safe process for the customer and the sales team.

4 – Registration of companies and customers

CRM or WhatsApp: registrations

Have the company register always organized? Search the CNPJ of your prospects and find out who the main points of contact within the company are.

In the same way, have people registered and all the history of interaction and negotiations that she, at one time in her life, has already done with you.

There’s no need to be at the mercy of the history saved inside your cell phone, is there?

PipeRun keeps this history for you.

Just search for the right name and you will have all the history. That way, it’s easier to sell to those you’ve already sold – saving you much more time.

In addition, you avoid failures by registering companies, people and opportunities with the deduplicator.

So why use two tools (one for trading, one for registration) if you can use one? Productivity.

It’s what you, the company and the customer want and needs.

5 – Don’t miss an opportunity for lack of action

WhatsApp or CRM: slow to sell

There is nothing worse in a negotiation than keeping a customer waiting.

You can be sure he is also talking to the competition. And if she doesn’t sin by omission, she’ll certainly get that much closer to conquering him.

How to handle a large volume of trading, all at the same time, but at different stages and stages of maturity?

Or rather: how do you know how to generate value for these customers, making them realize didactically that what you sell works for them?

With automatic actions within the CRM, you configure emails, alerts and everything that makes sense for you to continue delivering value to the customer in the negotiation.

Automatically submit content that helps you be more secure in your purchase.

Schedule a reminder for a call and clarify your doubts.

Better yet: take advantage of the use of the public calendar and let the lead feel free to schedule a day and time that suits you best for a product demonstration.

This will be recorded and you will know how to act and at what time. The chance of a no-show in sales is much smaller this way.

6 – Reports and constant improvement of the sales team

CRM or WhatsApp: constant improvement

One of the main points for those who sell only through WhatsApp is: how to measure the results obtained?

The goals and objectives you can know if they were achieved or not.

But, better than knowing the SE, it’s the HOW. How did the sales take place? Were they within the average ticket?

Were discounts offered?

The data is already compiled. You don’t need to record the sale made by WhatsApp in a spreadsheet and later assemble a report to present results.

With CRM, everything is automated.

Which is great for the sales manager to give a fair performance review.

Based not only on 100% reliable numbers but also on the quality of work.

After all, you will be able to listen to all of your sales calls with the prospect within each opportunity.

It will be much easier to receive feedback and improve the commercial pitch and, consequently, the company’s sales process.

And that, of course, will be reflected in greater productivity.

More business, higher quality and, of course, an ever-increasing sales commission. The motivation is always high!

Who says the two cannot coexist?

Would joining the best of both worlds be an ideal scenario for you?

Well, know that this reality is possible through PipeRun MAX. It is the free Google Chrome extension for CRM PipeRun.

With it, your team uses WhatsApp Web and CRM, side by side, on the same screen, integrated. Productivity within the commercial routine increases.

Do you know why?

The extension allows:

  • update CRM without leaving WhatsApp;
  • send proposals via WhatsApp with 1 click;
  • send inks for electronic signatures, contracts and docs;
  • submit custom forms;
  • schedule an appointment between the lead and the salesperson;
  • call the lead via web phone on the same WhatsApp screen;
  • create notes about the lead;
  • schedule follow up and more!

The result you see in practice, as is the story of this success story.

Benefits and more integrations

PipeRun MAX has an immediate impact on your team’s results and routine.

  • Salespeople connected to customers on WhatsApp;
  • Agility when serving customers on their favourite channel;
  • Centralization of service data within the CRM;
  • Analysis and measurement of your team’s productivity;
  • Save time to serve more leads;
  • Increased revenue and productivity;
  • Reduction of CAC and Lead Time.

The extension also integrates another 50 tools.

  • Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn and Calendars;
  • Online chat and chatbot platforms;
  • Marketing automation platforms;
  • HelpDesk Tools;
  • Management, ERP and Collections.

In this way, being assertive and generating value for leads and customers has never been easier.

At the same time, you can reduce operating costs and invest in other strategic actions.

So, how can we help you?

If you have questions about how this integration takes place.

We will be happy to talk to you! Enjoy and read two articles that can help you in your day-to-day business.

The first is a full article that talks about what CRM is and how it helps companies.

The second talks about what the inside sales model is and how to apply it within the commercial process.

Good sales!


“I already sell through WhatsApp, why do I need CRM”? It is not uncommon, when adhering to the much-needed digital transformation within companies, for managers to encounter resistance internally. When we talk about sales, the sentence quoted above is not an isolated fact. After all, WhatsApp is very present in our daily lives. We basically communicate with everyone in our…