8 Home Office Sales Tools for Businesses


8 Home Office Sales Tools for Businesses

Tools for home office sales

Tools for home office sales help a lot salespeople and managers to maintain productivity and also the management of the sales team. That’s why choosing the right features is of utmost importance for any business.

Working from home may not be ideal for your business, but sometimes it’s a must – as in the case of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Therefore, it is necessary to be prepared so that your company’s productivity and results suffer the least possible impact.

It is in this sense that the right choice of home office tools is so important.

It is through them that your team will be able to focus on what matters most: your customers.

However, some questions arise: which tools to use? When? Like?

The answers will give your company a path to continue to be relevant and impacting consumers.

And that’s what we’ll cover in this article from now on.

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Focus on management before choosing home office sales tools

First of all, let’s get back to the basics: home office sales, you know what that is, right?

It is the act of working from home – whether autonomously or for a company.

There are other terms to designate this as well: remote work or telecommuting.

Whichever term you prefer, the fact is that, before choosing tools for home office sales, you need to fulfill a number of prerequisites beforehand.

What would they be? Well, first of all, you need to have a well-defined sales routine.

And, to that end, defining a process with activity-based sales is, without a doubt, good practice in sales management.

This is because, without control, there is no management. And well, without being able to manage sales, what good is it to have great tools for the home office, isn’t it?

The manager must necessarily be a person capable of analyzing the sales process as a whole.

Only it should do this in real-time. Only then will you be able to have your team focused on the customer and on maintaining and improving your business results.

Taking care of people

Tools for home office sales

Another very important factor: the manager needs to be available to his teams and provide them with the ideal working conditions: both in terms of knowledge and structure.

That is to say: no tool for home office sales will be really efficient if the manager is not attentive and taking care of people.

It is something extremely important in the reality crossed during the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

The so-called “VUCA world” messes with people’s minds. It brings numerous uncertainties and can affect us all very negatively.

It is essential, then, to take care of people. It’s not something that can be overlooked or put off: it’s something that needs to be there at all times.

8 Home Office Sales Tools Your Business Needs

Having to work from home, especially when referring to the sales sector, is not and cannot be synonymous with a drop in performance.

The digital transformation puts the technology within the company and its processes to ensure just that: productivity.

It is not because you currently have your salespeople and pre-salespeople decentralized that they will not be able to carry out their activities.

It is not and will not be a reason, at a distance, for the process steps and all the necessary tasks in each one of them to be neglected.

To ensure good practices, choosing the right home office sales tools is vital.

In this paragraph, we’ve separated 8 of them.

It is from this structure that you will be able to make your teams work as much – or even more – as they work from within the office.

Shall we check?

1 – Notebook

This tool isn’t exactly mandatory, but it makes things much more practical – especially for companies that need to move from the physical to the remote office.

The notebook, in addition to being a practical device to carry, has all the features a salesperson needs to work from home.

Wi-Fi connection, webcam, microphone and built-in speakers are essential for sales demonstrations, something indispensable in the inside sales model.

And in case you migrate the office to each of your salespeople’s homes, they will need to take just that.

Imagine how difficult it would be to have to carry a monitor, CPU, speakers, webcam, microphone…

So this is the first of the home office sales tools you need to have.

2 – Google Drive

It’s critical to have a platform that you can organize and centralize slides, text documents and even some spreadsheets.

Sharing your company’s sales playbook is another possibility Google Drive opens up.

Leaving all of this up to the sales force is important, right?

Cloud sharing of documents via Google Drive is an important feature for telecommuting sales, without a doubt.

This makes the delivery or sharing of any content or knowledge much more agile and safer for everyone in the company.

You can have it for free on your Gmail account as well as on your business account – which, in these cases, is the most recommended.

3 – Sales CRM

If your company really wants the productivity, performance and results of your sales team to grow while working remotely, then you need to be a CRM that really helps you.

Managing sales by spreadsheets, remotely, with your salespeople at home, is a very risky mission.

However, with cloud-based CRM software, you have the resources to see, control and accelerate sales teams and opportunities.

It manages, for example, to establish rules for hours of use – and thus to control the journey of its employees.

It has important integrations such as marketing automation, customer service and also webphone – as we talked about earlier.

You can have your What Sapp conversations registered in your CRM. This way, you keep the entire customer interaction history within the opportunity. Centralized, as it has to be.

Not to mention, of course, all the features that a CRM has to make the companies’ sales process more efficient.

4 – Videoconferencing Platform

Tools for home office sales

What in-house vendor doesn’t need a video conferencing platform? It’s correct to say that everyone needs it, isn’t it?

It’s important to have a screen-sharing tool so you can showcase the product or service you’re selling.

Showing up during the call is essential even for the salesperson to have a greater power of persuasion: body language counts and a lot on these occasions.

The message is not fully absorbed simply by reading an email or message on What Sapp.

Therefore, video calling platforms are so important. Choose the one you think is best between:

  • Google Meet ;
  • Skype ;
  • Whereby ;
  • Jets ;
  • Zoom ;
  • What Sapp ;

Understand what need you have (just talk to customers? Talk to the internal team too?) And choose the tool that makes the most sense.

From this list that we present, there are free platforms and other paid ones. Search well.

5 – Marketing automation platform

As much as the salesperson doesn’t use it directly, a marketing automation platform is extremely important for any company.

It is through it that you put into practice your lead generation strategies with email marketing, landing page, forms, among others.

It’s the mechanism through which you offer the good content you’ve created, nurture the generated leads to, when ready, pass the baton.

This is the moment when the marketing team sends the potential customer to the sales team – more precisely to the SDR that will qualify them.

And why is this a tool for home office sales so important?

Why for all we’ve talked about. To qualify leads, you need to send a series of emails with good content.

Who better than the seller to sign these emails? Get the potential buyer used to who will serve you later.

Among so many others. Make sure, of course, that there is integration with your sales system so leads automatically show up in the pre-sales funnel – or in another one, you set up.

6 – Platforms for exchanging messages

Tools for home office sales

Exchanging messages is something we do constantly. What Sapp, of course, is the main medium used.

It serves a lot to carry out the follow up steps within the sales funnel, for example.

Customers use the tool a lot and you won’t be the one to leave this channel open, right?

But when we talk about platforms for exchanging messages, we also have to think about the internal team.

One of the options, in addition to What Sapp itself, is Hangouts – especially if your company uses Suite.

The Slack is also a great option, especially since you can create communication channels to exchange all kinds of information – as well as the acts Rocket Chat.

7 – Platform for customer service

Good customer service is essential at all times.

It’s what determines whether a customer trusts or continues to trust you, the watershed between a won sale, a lost one, a churn or a hold.

Therefore, joining online chats, catboats and What Sapp are great ways to have excellent service, organize and respond more quickly to the demand that your consumers have.

It is also important – even for lead conversion – that the platform integrates with your CRM.

See, from the list below, which platform makes the most sense for your current needs:

  • Zen via ;
  • Jivochat ;
  • Suite Share ;
  • Haggy ;
  • Tawk.to, etc.

Why are chats so important? Well, make the pre-salesman aware and ready to answer any questions that may arise.

You have to seize the lead while it’s hot. And having sales professionals act quickly on these platforms is critical.

8 – Telephony platform

Tools for home office sales

You don’t want your salespeople to use their private phones to call customers, right?

Calling, by the way, is one of the main tasks that salespeople have within a sales routine.

But not just for leads – cold calling 2.0 calls are quite common when it comes to prospecting.

So, to make this mission more agile, cheaper and smarter, opt for web phones and dialers.

And by now, of course, you already know: choose the ones that have integration with your CRM.

Why is it important? Because, in this way, you can have all your connection attempts registered at the time.

What will help – and a lot – in improving the sales process through the data you will collect.

Some examples of phone providers:

  • Smarted ;
  • Total Voice ;
  • Spectrum Technology ;
  • Technology Opens ;
  • Sufficed ;
  • Fast Way ;
  • Native ;
  • TW Solutions ;
  • Api4com ;
  • VoiceTel.

These are some examples of home office sales tools.

With technology, you can keep your salespeople working remotely and keep focusing on what matters: customer success.

So, how can we help you?

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The first talks about how to have a sales meeting that is, in fact, productive.

The second addresses how your company can organize customers and be more assertive when approaching them.

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Tools for home office sales help a lot salespeople and managers to maintain productivity and also the management of the sales team. That’s why choosing the right features is of utmost importance for any business. Working from home may not be ideal for your business, but sometimes it’s a must – as in the case of…